Report by Steve Simms

182BBQ2014The day was warm and dry with sun!  The team had been working hard and everything was set; the burgers were cooking and Chris was busy tending to them.  Like a well oiled machine, people were setting up the food tables with plates full of delicious looking sweets.



We sat on a table with Jim and Sally-Ann went up to the bar to get us all some drinks.  The burgers and sausages arrived - lovely!  We all tucked in and the only thing missing was the music!  Music man Bob was much missed this year!  Seconds were offered and eaten, the sweets came next and a hard choice to choose between!

Next came the raffle, no luck for me this year!  Jim won a lovely tea set which was for a child!!  But Richard came to his rescue and offered to buy it for him from him for his great grandchild. 

CJ became the auctioneer next to auction some paintings and was very good, the next David Dickinson!

It was a great day and everyone had a brilliant time.  A big thank you to all for all the hard work and see you next year.



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