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This year we have a new system for notifying cancellation of sailing. If for any reason you think its doubtful that sailing will take place please ring 01493 663837 which is an answer phone. There will be a message saying what is happening.

If the instructor is unsure how the weather will be later in the day he will ask you to ring the number again later in the day. In this way we can ensure we can give members the latest decision as quickly as possible.

Racing Rules

Racing Rules can be downloaded from RYA website
Eleven Simple Racing Rules - take a look at these to refresh your memory and remind yourself of some of the rules.

Racing Flags

alpha All numbers and letters of the alphabet have a flag to represent them.

Our Class flag is 'A' (alpha) which is flown to indicate it is our race.
Other racing flags can be seen on the WOBYC website. www.wobyc.co.uk/

General Safety

1. Always wear a lifejacket on the jetties and on the water
2. Don't go on the jetty until your boat is ready for you
3. Leave room for wheelchairs so they don't have to go too close to the edge
4. If you need help ask.

Come along and join us....