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This year we have a new system for notifying cancellation of sailing. If for any reason you think its doubtful that sailing will take place please ring 01493 663837 which is an answer phone. There will be a message saying what is happening.

If the instructor is unsure how the weather will be later in the day he will ask you to ring the number again later in the day. In this way we can ensure we can give members the latest decision as quickly as possible.


How to Sail an Access/Hansa Dinghy Quickly
by Brian Riley

Introduction: As we all know sailing an Access dinghy on Oulton Broad is a lot of fun. However it is very pleasing to note that having mastered the basics of sailing safely, many Waveney Sailability sailors are looking for the next challenge. Over the last eighteen months we have organised an informal race series towards the end of our Tuesday session. Last season’s series was keenly contested and you may have noticed that somehow the same people finish at the front what ever the wind conditions or the course that has been set. Sailing quickly is not a mystery and as Arnold Palmer once said ‘it is funny that the more I practise, the luckier I get’. With this in mind I thought it would help if I wrote a few tips on sailing quickly and techniques to practice.

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