First day of December and it's cold and dismal - doesn't look good for next Saturday. We watch the forecast during the week and there is no improvement. Saturday 8th dawns very very cold - 3 degrees - is our first Bike Active meeting going to go ahead in these temperatures?

Kevin and Mark Langham arrive at 9.00am to prepare the bikes and the temperature rises a little. By 10.00 am the people and the sun start to arrive. What a lovely bright sunny day after the dismal week before. Sadly the location was difficult to find so some people went home without a ride.
Next time we will make sure there is no confusion about where we go.


There is a selection of bikes to try out - tricycles with front chairs, two wheeled pull-a-longs, side car bikes and a three-up bike which looked a bit like a grocers delivery bike. Our intrepid sailors tried as many of these machines as they could. Take a look at some of the pictures of Kell and Gemma taking Jackie on a rush round the circuit; and Dave trying to tame the sidecar beast with Bob as passenger. John Page tried a solo bike before agreeing to be passenger in the tow-along. Hope and Sasha also took a few turns around the circuit.

“Leading Lives”, a local charity offering short breaks to carers and disabled people, located on the Hub site, welcomed us with a hot drink and mince pies and sausage rolls which was very enjoyable especially as it was quite cold.

Everybody seemed to agree it was a fun morning and they would like to do it again. Mark is trying to organise a better location for storing the bikes which he hopes will be in place by February 2013. Watch the Notice Board and programme for details.

Bike Active is a joint Lowestoft Lions, The Hub and Waveney Sailability project.

See more pictures on the photo gallery page. Kevin also visited Bike Active in Ipswich in November to have a look at some of their bikes and some of these are also in the photo gallery.

Report by Sonja Taylor

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