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If for any reason you think its doubtful that sailing will take place please ring the above number and listen to the recorded message which will be from the Officer of the Day (O.O.D).

If the OOD is unsure how the weather will be later in the day he will ask you to ring the number again later in the day. In this way we can ensure we can give members the latest decision as quickly as possible.

Access/Hansa Dinghies:

Self righting ballasted shallow draft drop-keel dinghies. Roller-reefing, forward facing seats for comfort, a bucket seat is an additional option for those needing lateral support and joy stick for single handed control. The low freeboard allows for easy access for ambulant people and those requiring a hoist.

Controls have an electronic option so there is one joystick to control all. For people who find even this difficult, a suck - blow mouthpiece control can be fitted. More options are available to include everyone!

303 Access Dinghy
303 wide - Two-man 3.03 metres long. 

Two roller reefing sails, mainsail and jib.
Can be sailed as a single hander.
Sail control by 2 ropes.
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AccessHansaSport303 Sport - Single seat version of the 303 wide offering the extra challenge of solo performance sailing.  Twin rudders maintain full control at the most accute healing angle.  Click for more details.



303s Boat Vessel Name
Donated by
Spirit of Denise 2 5 Marine Safety Ltd.
Whirlygig 6 Broads Authority
Finney Harrod
Karpet Kingdom
Freedom 8
Barclays & Radio Broadland
Dreamtime III
David & Caroline Riddle
Flying Fuller
15 Fuller Foundation
Mr "T" 16 Local Roary Clubs & Comic Relief
Ivy Rose Hood 17 Edward & Ivy Rose Memorial Fund
Edward Hood 18 Edward & Ivy Hood Memorial Fund
East Point Rotary 19 East Point Rotary
 303 sport Vessel Name
Vera 100
Chris Addison
Catchpole Family


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